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Technical Advantage

In the ‘everything connected’ world, wireless communications is the key requirement for the Internet of Things and other applications. At AMIHO we have the technology and expertise to make this quick and easy for your application.

AMIHO offers a number of advantages to our customers:

  • An expert design team with a combination of radio, electronics and software experience
  • Our production-ready radio modules are designed in-house and are pre-loaded with AMIHO’s fully featured software stack on board
  • LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus (Wireless M-Bus) communication protocols
  • Key technology partners to provide the best MCU and radio components – NXP, Renesas, Semtech and ROHM.

AMIHO products are ideal for Internet of Things applications, Smart Metering, Smart Cities and Building Automation.

We provide LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus communications. Please see our guide below to these technologies and the advantages they confer.

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Wireless M-Bus

The Wireless Meter-Bus (Wireless M-Bus) communication protocol was developed to enable the wireless remote reading of gas and electricity meters, but is also applicable to other devices or things. Wireless M-Bus is a European Communication Standard based on EN 13757.

Wireless M-Bus has a number of advantages, and has been adopted for Smart Metering roll-outs across the EU and other parts of the world:

  • It is in the ISM license-free spectrum, making it cost effective
  • Efficient transmission at sub- 1 GHz range
  • Superior range compared to Bluetooth, ZigBee or WiFi
  • Standards based technology

Different countries have adopted different frequencies as standard, with the most common being 868 MHz and 169 MHz in Europe and 915 MHz in parts of Asia and the Americas.

433 MHz can be deployed where there is a requirement for frequent bidirectional communications.

AMIHO’s Wireless M-Bus products are all EN13757-4:2013 compliant.

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LoRa is a spread spectrum technology developed by Semtech Corporation to enable long range bi-directional communications (specified up to 15 km). In this format, it does not require a Wide Area Network (WAN) and can be used for device to device or device to gateway or concentrator communication independently. So you don’t need an existing network or series of masts to use AMIHO’s LoRa modules.

LoRa has been specifically designed for Long Range Applications, has low power draw, making it particularly suitable for battery powered devices and is therefore ideal for IoT, Smart Metering, Smart Home and Building Automation applications.

AMIHO’s LoRa modules include Wireless M-Bus as well as LoRa and provide frequencies at 169 and 868 MHz.

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LoRaWAN™ is designed to provide Long Range, Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN).

The range provided is up to 15 km so each mast can potentially cover a 30 km diameter zone, making it an ideal and cost-effective network for Smart Cities, Internet of Things, M2M and other applications requiring secure two-way communication. The low transmission power feature makes it ideal for battery-powered devices, conserving longevity.

AMIHO’s AM093 module is LoRaWAN ready.

There is no standard currently available for LoRaWAN at 169 MHz.

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See products from AMIHO featuring LoRa modulation scheme, Wireless Meter Bus and LoRaWAN protocols here.

Still unsure of the right technology for you? Contact us directly for expert advice.