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We are pleased to announce that InVMA Limited has acquired the assets of AMIHO Technology Limited and the company is now part of InVMA.

We are now able to offer a wider range of products and services to better meet your IoT needs:

Custom IoT Services
Custom IoT Hardware
IoT Platform
Augmented Reality
IoT Security
Asset Performance Management
IoT Connectivity

RF modems

LoRa LoRaWAN wMBUs RF module 169 868 MHz from AMIHO Technology

With our technology, your wireless application can get quickly through trials and to production. AMIHO develops and manufactures our own high-performance RF modules. Our hardware has a simple interface, sufficient memory to run your own code and compact footprint for efficient integration into your system.

Wireless M-Bus, LoRa and LoRaWAN modems include our fully-featured custom developed software stacks.

Software Stacks

AMIHO Wireless Meter Bus protocol software stack

Enable reliable wireless connectivity that is both secure and simple to set-up.  Small code size of AMIHO stacks and efficient use of MCU and radio resources helps to ensure years of maintenance free, battery powered operations.

Product Design Services

AMIHO specialises in Product Design and Development to make your devices IoT ready by expertly embedding the latest wireless technologies. From product prototypes through to mass roll-out – we are always there to troubleshoot wireless problems and to provide required technical support.