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Lorawan Lora wMBus experts module software stack

Get to market quickly with AMIHO's LoRa, LoRaWAN and Wireless M-Bus modules and protocol stacks

We offer solutions for 169 and 868 MHz RF communications both standards compliant and proprietary protocols. Our focus applications are Smart Metering, Building Automation, Agriculture, Animal Tracking, Monitoring Systems and the Internet of Things. AMIHO’s modules and software stacks are cost-effective solutions and a viable proposition for all volumes, from prototyping right up to production runs. AMIHO’s software has unshared capabilities one of its kind on the market – bridging functions between different protocols.

“The new AMIHO Versatile AM093 dual-band spread-spectrum module, based on NXP’s Low Power Kinetis ‘L’ microcontroller, provides a unique opportunity in wireless  communications and promises game-changing technology for the global Smart Meter programs.”


Jean-Marc Darchy, NXP

AMIHO AM094LW LoRaWAN LoRacWMBus RF module

LoRa (Long Range) and Wireless M-Bus Modules

Ready-to-go modules incorporating LoRa, LoRaWAN and Wireless Meter-Bus to fit or retrofit in your device. Complete with our software stacks and drivers. A cost effective way to get your meters and devices to communicate.

AMIHO AE093 dual-band 169 and 868 wireless meter bus and LoRa evaluation kit

Evaluations Kits

Evaluation kits contain everything you need to get started, help you prove your concept or application rapidly and move to production.

AMIHO AS093 LoRa and Wireless Meter Bus software stack

Software Protocol Stacks

AMIHO’s fully-featured, standards compliant, wireless protocol stacks and drivers for Wireless Meter-Bus, LoRa and LoRaWAN communications. Available separately or pre-loaded onto our wireless radio modules.

AMIHO Wireless Radio Module selection LoRa and WMBus

Bare Metal Modules

The AMIHO module range also available as hardware only. A lower cost option if your project requires a bare module.


IP and Design Services

Find out about our full range of IP and product development services – helping you integrate wireless solutions into your products or customise our products for faster time to market