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AMIHO Technology provides standards-compliant software stacks for wireless modules. They are available as stand alone, for license or embedded in our own wireless hardware modules. They are suitable for applications such as Smart Meter and IoT device communications.

We provide the following software stacks:

  1. the AS093 for LoRa® and Wireless Meter-Bus combined
  2. the AS090 which is Wireless Meter-Bus only  
  3. the remarkable  TRIoT™ for Wireless Meter-Bus, LoRa and LoRaWAN™ protocols

We also design customised hardware and software wireless modules, please contact us directly with your specific integration requirements.

Our wireless stacks are highly optimised including:

  • Target processor feature utilisation but remain portable to different architectures
  • Fully tested on the NXP Kinetis ARM Cortex based processors and Renesas RL78 processor
  • AMIHO software occupies a small memory footprint and makes effective use of processor resources
  • Easy to use AT command interface
  • Very low current standby for battery powered applications
  • The AS093 has a bridge application between any mode, available frequency band or protocol, E.g. bridging between LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus.
  • The TRIoT supports bridging between Wireless M-Bus and LoRa/LoRaWAN

We also provide:

  • Low level platform radio drivers
  • Wireless Meter-Bus RF stack drivers with extended functionality
  • Utilities and sample application source code
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AMIHO AS093 LoRa and Wireless Meter Bus software stack

“For our Smart meter project we needed a new optimal Wireless M-Bus solution. After evaluating numerous solutions, we found the combination of an NXP wireless controller and the AMIHO Wireless M-Bus stack to be the best choice. We have a solution that is very efficient and reliable as well as being low enough cost to roll out in the high volumes required in future.

Furthermore, we have integrated the AMIHO Wireless M-Bus technology in our multiprotocol Squid.link gateway, which is a low-cost modular platform for flexible Smart Home networks.”

Poul Eriksen, VP Business Development at Develco Products

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