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Connecting Every Thing for an Everything-Connected World

AMIHO Technology provides production-ready wireless products for the Smart Meter, Smart Buildings and IoT markets. Our radio modules contain our own fully-featured software stacks and can be tailored for almost any SMART, M2M or IoT application requiring wireless connectivity. Example customer deployments include:

  • Smart meter trials,

  • IoT Gateway products,

  • Asset tracking

  • Air quality monitoring

  • Tunnel communications

  • Lightning detectors

  • Smart parking

AMIHO’s product range includes EN13757 compliant Wireless Meter-Bus (Wireless M-Bus) and LoRa® enabled radio modules and software stacks and we are members of the LoRa® Alliance. LoRa® technology extends the radio range to several kilometres and enables communication with hard to reach meters and devices.

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AM093 wireless M-bus and LoRa radio module

AMIHO enables you to get your wireless application quickly to trial. The easy-to-use hardware modules have sufficient memory to run your own applications and footprint efficient wireless stacks have simple interfaces and integrate efficiently into your system.

We deliver a range of Wireless M-Bus and LoRa radio modules with a fully-featured custom developed software stack.

Software and Services

AMIHO Wireless Meter Bus protocol software stack

AMIHO Technology’s products can be implemented across a diverse array of systems to enable reliable wireless connectivity that is both secure and simple to set-up.  Small code size of our stacks and efficient use of processor and radio resources also helps to ensure years of maintenance free, battery powered operations.

In addition, AMIHO provides a range of expert professional services that feature support and development contracts to help you transition efficiently from product prototypes through to mass rollout.