2016 International Workshop on Smart Wireless CommunicationsSmartcom2016 logo

May, 16-17, 2016
Hotel Lasaretti, Oulu, Finland

Steve Clarke, Technical Director of AMIHO will be speaking at the SmartCom 2016 conference in Oulu, Finland.

Date: Monday 16th May 

Time: 16:45-17:10

The conference focuses on AMIHO’s key expertise of Smart Wireless Communications and Steve will be discussing the challenges of the Internet of Things and how to solve them in his paper entitled

“Telematics Techniques for the IoT”.acis-shelter-display


The Internet of Things, through the use of shared radio spectrum, is operating more akin to a broadcast data network rather than a classical Machine-to-Machine application using traditional telecommunication networks.   This paper examines some old-world telematics techniques that can be employed in modern IoT.  Through a case study of the BusNet bus tracking and real time passenger information system, it provides examples of applications that take advantage of the broadcast nature of the spectrum to help solve issues in medium and large-scale networks, in particular latency, scalability and throughput.

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