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Prove your applications concepts with the minimal commitment. AMIHO evaluation kits help you to test and develop your application quickly. Each one provides you with hardware and software tools needed to evaluate your wireless M-BUs, LoRa or LoRaWAN application with the minimum of hassle.

Based around our standard modules, you can seamlessly move from the evaluation stage to product development, speeding up the development cycle.

See our range of Evaluation Kits below

AMIHO AE093 dual-band 169 and 868 wireless meter bus and LoRa evaluation kit

AE093 Dual Channel Wireless Meter-Bus and LoRa® Evaluation KitAE093 LoRa and WMBus evaluation kit

The AE093 evaluation kit contains everything you need to test our Wireless M-Bus combined with LoRa® technology to extend the range from tens of metres to several kilometres. It provides dual band radio at 169 and 868 MHz for extra versatility.

AE094-LW LoRaWAN Evaluation KitAE094-LW LoRaWAN evaluation kit

The AE094-LW evaluation kit contains everything you need to test our LoRaWAN AM094-LW radio module and connect up to your chosen LoRaWAN gateway. It provides LoRaWAN connectivity for Smart City, IoT and Smart Metering applications.

AE090 Wireless Meter-Bus 868 MHz Evaluation KitAE090 eval kit

Evaluate our AM090 family of ‘Tiny’ modules with a footprint of only 15.2 mm x 15.2 mm. The AM090 offers a cost effective and ultra-compact 868 MHz Wireless M-Bus module with NXP Kinetis (ARM cortex) MCU and is ideal for applications such as Smart Meters and IoT. The kit contains one standard AM090 and one AM092 USB module.

AE060 Wireless Meter-Bus 868 MHz Evaluation Kit

Evaluate the new compact Wireless M-Bus module with our new standard footprint of 20.3 x 17.8 mm. The module features a Renesas RL78 family MCU and ROHM LAPIS ML7345 radio transceiver and is ideal for Smart Meter and IoT applications.