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Connecting Every Thing for an Everything-Connected World

The Internet of Things (IoT) is mooted as the next industrial revolution, with a move from one or two connected devices each to EVERYTHING connected.

For businesses, connecting multiple sensors, monitors, meters and other devices will provide invaluable data, and from this data, alerts and vital information about their assets will enable better knowledge and management of networks, buildings, agriculture and infrastructure.

For this to happen, the devices have to connect – to the internet and to each other.  AMIHO specialises in providing solutions for reliable wireless connectivity from the device to the gateway, with a variety of modules enabling IoT and M2M applications. Whether you want to design communications into the device or retrofit to an existing asset, we can help you.

Use cases our products are suitable for include:

  • IoT Gateway product

Amiho’s Wireless Meter-Bus protocol stack is integrated into Squid.link Gateway for the IoT. This has applications in smart home and smart city. Read case study

  • Asset tracking

  • Smart Buildings/Facilities Management

  • Health monitoring

  • Monitoring of fixed assets e.g. for predictive maintenance

  • Smart Cities

  • Smart parking

  • Smart Agriculture

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