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Effective, secure communications and control are essential in remote applications. AMIHO Technology modules and software provide a rapid and reliable solution to wireless implementation e.g. Wireless Meter-Bus integration. AMIHO modules let the user add remote operation to their application easily, whether as an external module or with the user’s code added seamlessly and simply on an AMIHO module. AMIHO Technology supports your application. Whether it is for a prototype build or mass production, we can help you implement your design efficiently. Run your code on our standard modules, and as you scale up, use our reference designs to create a truly custom design.

Wireless Meter-Bus Integrators

As leaders in Wireless M-Bus communications, we are geared to consult with your engineering teams to adapt our standard m-bus modules and/or stacks to integrate with your needs. Please contact us here and we’ll be delighted to assess your needs and match them with our areas of expertise.

wireless meter bus integrators