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AMIHO Technology specialises in wireless control for Smart Energy markets. We focus on helping our customers get their products into the market in the shortest possible time.

We spend most of our time working in the following application areas:

We support these applications with the following products and services:

  • Wireless control for AMI/R and LED lighting networks
  • Wireless modules – custom designed and off-the-shelf
  • In-Home Displays and Sensors
  • Embedded IP and design services

We believe that adding wireless control to our customers’ products and systems should be made easy. We offer “Quick-To-Trial” development kits and embedded IP applications which help customers to rapidly prove their design concepts. AMIHO’s focused community of technology partners, featuring Renesas, NXP and Rohm Lapis, helps to ensure that our products and designs contain the best available ingredients including the latest in RF-Modem and programmable silicon technology.

bluetooth module