Versatile module with LoRa makes Smart Meters and IoT devices talk

AMIHO Technology, the Cambridge-based experts in wireless communications, will be at European Utility Week (EUW) 3-5 November with technology partner Freescale® and will beAM093 showcasing their innovative combined Wireless Meter-Bus and LoRa radio module, the AM093.


The module provides excellent Wireless M-Bus performance both at 868 MHz and at 169 MHz for long range applications. In addition it includes LoRa™ technology enabling communication range to be extended from tens of metres to up to 15km. The module is designed to reduce the incidence of so-called ‘dark’ meters, which are understood to affect at least 5% of Smart Meters in rollouts, depending on the communications used and the terrain involved.

David Blumstein, Managing Director of AMIHO, said “We have designed a highly versatile radio module and software stack which provides an excellent platform to implement intelligent networks with a ready-to-go solution.”

AMIHO will be exhibiting their technology including the versatile AM093 module on the Freescale booth B.e43 at EUW in Vienna.

Download the AM093 Wireless Meter-Bus Module Product Brief »