AMIHO Technology, experts in wireless communications have produced an ultra-compact and cost effective Wireless Meter-Bus module, the AM090, primarily for connecting Smart Meters and Internet of Things devices. Its minimal footprint (15x15mm) makes it ideal to fit in along with small sensors and other IoT end points.

AM090 ultra-compact module and coin

AM090 ultra-compact module

The module uses Freescale’s Kinetis family of ARM® cortex® MCUs, operates at 868 MHz and is fully compliant with the European standards (EN13757-4).

The AM090 module includes a comprehensive and optimised software stack, so customers can focus on developing their end application, accelerating time to market.

The software stack can be licensed as a stand-alone product for integration into other designs and is currently being used in smart metering trials in Europe.

Poul Eriksen, VP Business Development at Develco Products commented:  “For our Smart meter project we needed a new optimal Wireless M-Bus solution. After evaluating numerous solutions, we found the combination of a Freescale wireless controller and the AMIHO Wireless M-Bus stack to be the best choice. We have created a solution that is very efficient and reliable as well as being low enough cost to roll out in the high volumes required in future.”

David Blumstein, MD and co-founder of AMIHO Technology, said, “We are delighted that the AMIHO Wireless M-Bus technology has also been integrated into Develco Product’s multi-protocol gateway, a low-cost modular platform for flexible Smart Home networks. This demonstrates a further adoption of our new products into IoT applications. As this market accelerates, we expect our range of ultra-compact communication modules to be used in many innovative solutions.”

For more information download our AM090 product brief.