The AM060 radio module is designed for the Smart Meter and IoT marketsAM060 coin 1



AMIHO Technology, experts in wireless communications, and LAPIS semiconductor, a ROHM Group company, announce the launch of the compact AM060 radio module aimed at connecting Smart Meters and other devices needing to communicate to a local hub or gateway.IMG_20151022_104124978_HDR

The AM060 radio module has a compact footprint (17.8 x 20.2 mm) and is the first in our new family of modules with a standard footprint.

Operating at the Wireless Meter-Bus standard of 868 MHz, with a low power draw, compact footprint, and built in data flash, the module is ideal for Smart Metering and IoT applications. Recognising the industry-wide concerns regarding security, AMIHO has addressed this by providing enhanced AES 256 encryption.

The LAPIS IC: ML7345 radio used in the module enables a range of frequencies to be accessed, from 169 MHz up to 900 MHz with a simple modification to the design.

The module will be supported by AMIHO’s new universal evaluation board allowing rapid and simple testing of different radio modules on the same board.

Hiroshi Kume, Senior Product Marketing Manager at ROHM Semiconductor GmbH said, “We are excited that our latest project with AMIHO, selected for their expertise in wireless communications, has produced a module ideal for these significant and rapidly growing markets. The ML7345 radio incorporated allows a versatile frequency selection which means it can be used in a variety of applications and regions where Wireless Meter-Bus and other sub-1GHz ISM bands have been adopted.”

“We are proud to be associated with LAPIS”, responded David Blumstein, MD of AMIHO Technology, “who were chosen for their class-leading radio products, and look forward to continuing our relationship and addressing key markets together.”

The AM060 module will be exhibited on the ROHM Semiconductor booth B.e31 at European Utility Week in Vienna (3-5 November).

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