AMIHO is delighted to be a sponsor of the NXP Tech Day in Warsaw, Poland on the 4th October.


In addition to exhibiting at the event, we will be delivering a presentation and demonstrating our LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus bridge application, which is proving useful for a number of applications. The abstract is below:

AMIHO’s presentation

Bridging the Gap with LoRa

Date: 4 October Time: 9.30 am


There are many situations in which long range communications are needed to connect a device, whether a smart meter that needs to send data back to the utility, or a sensor needing to connect to an IoT gateway or platform. LoRa is one of the long range, low power techniques that supplements existing communications and we will demonstrate the bridging application on our LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus modules that allows collecting data sent by wireless meter-bus and transmitting it in LoRa, to bridge that gap and get your data where it needs to be.

The NXP Tech Day is free to attend and enables customers to find out about technologies using NXP products and talk to developers directly.

Venue: Novotel Airport ul 1 Sierpnia 1 02-134 Warszawa

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