Receive signals in Wireless Meter-Bus and send in Lora (or vice versa!)

AMIHO Technology, experts in wireless communications, today announces new and unique features for its embedded LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus radio software stacks for IoT and Smart Metering.

Initially available on the AM093 Dual Band LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus modules and evaluation kit, AMIHO introduces a demonstration bridging feature which enables the AM093 modules to receive in Wireless Meter-Bus, and transmit in Lora, It is also possible in reverse (receive LoRa and send in Wireless Meter-Bus) and to receive at one frequency (868MHz) and send in another (169 MHZ).

This innovation enables a single module to bridge between Wireless Meter-Bus and LoRa and is ideal in applications such as Smart Metering, where the meter can send a signal in Wireless Meter-Bus to a concentrator where the Bridging Function is deployed.  The concentrator can then send the signal on in LoRa which will extend the range of the transmission.

Technical Director Steve Clarke says, “We have been asked to provide a bridging function by customers for a number of applications where they currently have to use two separate modules to get a similar outcome. Our solution is elegant and uses our existing hardware. It can be demonstrated with our AE093 evaluation kit along with a Smart Meter or other device transmitting in Wireless Meter-Bus, for example.”

See our App Note on the Bridging Function here.

The new Bridge Function will be demonstrated at the LoRa Alliance All Members Meeting and Open Market on 20 and 21 July in Munich.