E-World has been highly advantageous for Amiho as we have had the pleasure of meeting our Smart Metering clients, putting firm plans in place for Amiho’s involvement in their global projects. Recognition of our expertise in wireless communications comes with the implementation of Amiho’s high performance hardware and unique bridging software stacks in hundred thousands of boxed products across Europe.

Our hardware and software stacks feature LoRa modulation, WM-Bus and LoRaWAN protocols. These products can be also utilised in IoT, Building Automation, Agriculture, Animal Tracking, Monitoring Systems and similar applications.

Increasingly, we are being asked by our customers to help with the integration of our communications technology into their products. As a result, our engineering team is rapidly expanding an engaged in several major smart metering projects across Europe.

What can the second day of the E-World bring to us? More meetings – more projects to explore.

George Flanderijn

George Flanderijn Amiho’s European Sales Manager at E-World Essen, Germany 8 Feb’17