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A Major Step Forward in Smart Metering


“Game-changing technology for the global Smart Meter programs.”

Are you using Wireless Meter-Bus for your Smart Meter projects?

Did you know you can now extend your Smart Meter range to 15km and remove the problem of dark meters on your customers’ networks?

AMIHO leads the market by combining LoRa® with Wireless Meter-Bus to deliver the world’s first dual-band radio module AM093 and software stack applying both technologies. AMIHO also pioneers in the market with a bridging feature that enables our LoRa radio modules to receive in Wireless M-Bus and re-transmit in LoRa and vice versa. 

We can help you with pilot projects or mass deployment. AMIHO delivers ready-to-go radio modems, communication modules, software stacks and evaluation kits which use LoRa modulation, Wireless M-Bus and LoRaWAN protocols. Collaborative design services are also available to help you with the integration of our technology into your products to speed time to market.


Our compact, low power consumption products are designed to improve Smart Metering performance and enable utilities to connect to remote and hard-to-reach meters. There are three LoRa and Wireless Meter-Bus product lines to choose from:

In addition, the latest update to our product range is a high performance, bidirectional transceiver module which uses LoRaWAN™ protocol:


Our proprietary software stacks are fully featured, reducing the need to write extra code and are highly recommended by our partners and customers. More information could be found here.

No other product on the market can match our combination of features and give our customers the competitive advantage they need for successful smart meter roll-outs.


“For our Smart meter project we needed a new optimal Wireless M-Bus solution. We found the combination of a Freescale (now NXP) wireless controller and the AMIHO Wireless M-Bus stack to be the best choice.

We have a solution that is very efficient and reliable as well as being low enough cost to roll out in the high volumes required in future.”

Poul Eriksen, Develco Products